Enrolment Enquiries

School hours
All Levels

It is compulsory for ALL students to be at the school 5 minutes before class.

There will be a break of 20 minutes. Parents are advised to prepare some snacks for their child/chidren.

Please note: Classes will end at 1.30pm. Compulsory congregation of Dzuhur Prayer will start at 1.40pm. Students will be dismissed after the prayers at about 2pm.

School fees

The school Fee is A$100.00 per term for each child.

School fee is due every beginning of the term.

School Policy
  1. All students are required to be punctual for their classes. All classes will begin at 10am.
  2. All students must treat each other with respect including teachers and the elderly.
  3. All students are required to put on proper attire.
  4. Hijab/headscarf is compulsory for girls.
  5. Girls must dress modestly in Islamically appropriate attire for Madrasah.
  6. NO sleeveless shirts, improper printed figure shirts and bermudas for the boys.
  7. NO tight pants and jeans for girls.
  8. NO thongs or slippers to school for safety reason.
  9. Students are required to inform teachers/admin of their long holiday plans if any.
  10. Absenteeism must be covered with a letter from parents if students are absent 3 consecutive weeks. Absence without any valid reason will result in student‘s name taken off from the enrolment list. A fresh application is required if the child wishes to continue with the school. Enrolment, however, is subject to availability.
  11. Parents are to inform school of their children special needs, if any.
Covid Safe Guidelines

In view of the pandemic situation, we kindly request that all parents observe the following Covid Safe Guidelines below:

  1. Please Do Not send your child to the Madrasah if he is unwell.
  2. If your child is found to be sick, a phone call will be made, and your child is to be picked up from Madrasah.
  3. Students are to bring their own water bottle, clearly labelled with their names and classes.
  4. There is NO recess. No shared food and drinks.
  5. Students are to be picked up on time.
  6. Entry is through the small door and Exit is through the shutter.
  7. Parents are to drop off their children at the drop off site. Parents need to fill in a declaration form before sending the children to Madrasah every week by clicking the link below:
  8. If parents enter the Madrasah premise,
    – Please scan the QR Code
    – Please use the hand sanitizer provided
    – Please put on a face mask.
  9. Payment of fees is done only through online bank transfer.
  10. Masks are to be worn by students in Level 3 upwards.
  11. Please inform the admin if your child is tested Covid positive.
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