Term 1 2023

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wb. Dear Parents, We hope you and your family are in good health. We would like to welcome you and your child/children back to Madrasah Al Muhajirin. Please find below some information about school 2023 for your kind attention. START OF MADRASAH Madrasah Al Muhajirin will commence on Sunday 5th […]

End of Term 2 2022

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Hope everybody is good and well. A kind reminder that today is the last day of term 2. Insha Allah madrasah will resume on 17 July 2022. We hope you will have a good break and holidays with your loved ones. Semester one report will be emailed to you soon. Hope to […]

Term Break & Eid Fitr 2022

Assalamualaikum Parents, Ramadhan marhaban bikum. May you and your family be well and safe. Please be informed that Madrasah is closed for term break from 10 April 2022 to 24 April 2022. Madrasah is closed for Eid Fitr on 1 May 2022. The first day for Term 2 will be the 8 May 2022, biiznillah. […]

End of Term 1 2022

Assalamualaikum Parents. Hope everybody is good and well. Just a kind reminder this Sunday 3rd April will be the last day for term 1. Parents, please note, there will be a Solah workshop for Level 5, 6, and Year 7 this week. We strongly encourage students of these year levels to attend the workshop to […]

Term 1 2022

Assalamu alaikum wr wbDear Parents,Alhamdulillah, Madrasah Al Muhajirin will be operating onsite at KUM Centre this year commencing on Sunday 6th February 2022, Insha Allah. 1. The operating hours are as below: Session 1 (9.30am-11.30am)Prep- Level 4 Session 2 (11.40am-2.00pm)Level 5 – YouthPlease note there is congregational Zuhur prayers for Level 5-Youth from 1.40pm-2.00pm. 2. […]

HBL Term 4 2021

Salam Parents, We hope you and your family are in the best of health and iman. Please be informed that Madrasah will continue with Home based learning till the end of term 4. We understand that you look forward to having madrasah onsite and so are we. While the roadmap has been brought forward, number […]

Start of Term 4 2021

Dear Parents Assalaamualaikum wr wb. May all of you be in good health and Imaan. We know all of you are looking forward to Madrasah going back to on-site learning once Victoria’s roadmap out of lockdown commences on 5th of November. In the meantime, Madrasah will continue with the Home-Based Learning until further notice. Madrasah […]

End of Term 3 2021

Assalamualaikum parents, Alhamdulillah we have come to the end of Term 3 today. Insya Allah, Madrasah Al Muhajirin will resume on Sunday 10 October 2021. Parents will be informed details of what Madrasah looks like in Term 4 nearer the date. We hope you will have a good break and enjoy the time with your […]

Home-Based Learning

Assalamu alaikum wr wb. Dear Parents, We pray to Allah Subhana wataala may you and your family are in good health and iman. With another lockdown and recent Covid-19 development, we would like to inform that Madrasah Al Muhajirin is going with Home-Based Learning (HBL). Hopefully temporarily. The HBL will commence this Sunday 18th July […]